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Breaking Dawn  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

-Stephenie Meyer-

I never anticipated the day when I would be disappointed with one of Meyer's novels, but alas, here we are. Once again, the novel is written wonderfully, each heartfelt word depicting the exact story as the author herself imagined. However, I feel as if this particular story was wrongly billed as a Young Adults book. While the overall storyline is fairly harmless (and equally intriguing), there are several underlying themes that aren't appropriate for children who have not yet had The Talk with their parents or guardians. Imagine the embarrassment of having a twelve or thirteen (perhaps, even fourteen) year-old asking what certain lines in the book meant...

Personally, I adored the plot, but I still wouldn't feel comfortable reading specific lines aloud. It is one thing to confront younger children with the inevitable concept of death (just as J.K. Rowling did in Harry Potter), but is quite another to sandwich certain topics into what is one of the most anticipated books for youth in the history of... well, quite frankly, forever.


Forgive me if I went a little overboard with this. I don't typically read "teen girl" books, but suddenly, I have a nagging feeling that innuendos in this book are nothing compared to what else is being pushed towards teens today.

Also, just as another friendly little side note, if you aren't sure what The Talk is, it might be best to set this book aside until you're a couple years older.

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